My brainbench test results on C# 4.0

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My brainbench test results on C# 4.0

Just tried free brainbench test on C# 4.0. I dislike some questions they asked but I like result I reached - 100% correct answers:)

Test:C# 4.0
Date: 12-May-2011
Score: 4.67
Weights: 100% C# 4.0
Elapsed time: 35 min 12 sec
C# 4.0
Percentile:Scored higher than 97% of previous examinees

Demonstrates understanding of most advanced concepts within the subject area. Appears capable of mentoring others on the most complex projects.
Strong Areas
  • Generics
  • Reference and Value Types
  • Unmanaged Resources and COM
  • Expressions
  • Delegates and Events
  • Exception Handling
  • Class Members
Weak Areas
  • None noted

Here is the transcript

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Brainbench test C# 4.0
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