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Regular expression search and replace in files

This tiny tool helps you to find and replace some textual data in files or just within text buffer.

Here is the main window of the application with regular expression pattern to find C# partial classes definitions.

Regular expression file search and replace  - main window

Before you do any search or replace you can test regular expression you typed on some text data. The next picture demonstrates that

Regular expression file search and replace  - testing regular expression and see the result

You can download program as package by this link, it's free.

NGEN Manager - User Interface for MS Native Image Generator

This small tool allows users to manage compilation of .NET assemblies to native code.

Provides following features:

  • Shows list of registered in NGEN assemblies
  • Add/remove assemblies from the NGEN list
  • Force recompilation of all or selected assemblies

The tool's main window:

 Головне вікно графічного менеджера для NGEN

Download the tool as archive

Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 SP 1 or newer should be installed on the target machine



Emails2Rss - Forward email notifications to RSS feed

Emails 2 RSS is a free service that allows you to make your inbox more cleanly by redirecting not important mails to special RSS 2.0 feed generated for you.
It might be helpful in case you want to read one or few of following sources with your favorite RSS reader (like Google Reader for me):
  • Notifications from social networks
  • Mailing lists
  • News from sites that do not provide RSS or ATOM feeds, but send emails
  • To automatically schedule torrents to download by subscribing the client on your custom feed and send email to start new file
  • Any other information you want to read via your favorite RSS Reader instead of email client

The service address:


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